jericho town house

Dungeon Siege is now pretty dead and obsolete -- not sure why I'm still hosting these really…

current progress on Jericho Town House - mid02.

  1. complete front view front
  2. complete rear view front
  3. complete overhead view front
  4. interior overhead view front
  5. main base model front
  6. doorjam front
  7. roof front

in-game shots

  1. outside outside
  2. entering outside
  3. inside outside
  4. downstairs outside
  5. rear view outside
  6. leaving outside

i have since fixed the issue with the texture scales, and i’ve added a few more windows. i may be posting replacement images soon, but in the mean time, here’s a zip file with the gmax file and tanked house parts for your use…

if you do want to use them in your own projects, please let me know

notes on the textures used:

all textures on the house are standard Dungeon Siege ones, so don’t worry that they’re not included.

the exterior floor uses the generic floor texture - this allows greater flexibility in where you place the house - say you wanted it in the forest for some reason, the ground would match the surrounding nodes.

as a special treat, I’ve also included my cut blue aster and vase, which can be used to create simple floral arrangements (if you so wish, i thought it was a good idea at the time… it’s the little things, and i know my wife appreciates the odd bunch of flowers now and again).

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